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We are possibly the last screen printers left in Berkshire, and proud to carry on the tradition of the Rolls Royce of printing methods in our workshop. To compliment Screening, we also have vinyl cutters for printing individual nicknames, wide format printers for complex colour sports quality logo's, and now a brand new Direct to Garment printer, which can print full colour onto dark garments in quantities as low as one.

Embroidery is stitched on our 8 head computer controlled machine using the latest software.

All artwork is produced in-house, and our suppliers are the biggest in the UK, carrying over 10 million pieces in their warehouses for next day delivery to us.


Original and best, wet ink on garments, ideal for runs of 20 plus.


We can print Individual Names or Nicknames on Hoodies, typically large on the Shoulder or Sleeve,  or small on the Front Breast.


Once the digital file is created (DST) we can stitch with ease on our PC controlled state of the art embroidery machine.

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